Keeping Education Squeaky Clean

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Just like in any other business or establishment, the cleanliness of a school has a very large effect on it’s success. A clean business and office environment fosters productivity and efficiency and inspires confidence in your customers.

If this applies to other businesses, so much more so if the establishment is a school. Whether you’re running a kindergarten or a law school, you are managing a place where people go to learn.

And just as studies have shown that cleaner work environments make employees happier and more productive, the same goes for students of all levels. When you are a student, the environment that you study in can make a big difference on your learning.

Dirty Classrooms

Dusty chairs, a dirty floor, and a bad smelling classroom can distract students and prevent them from focusing and getting the most out of your school experience.

It is for this reason that it is absolutely essential that you make sure that the establishment that you are running is as clean as possible to make sure that you are giving students the best education possible. Hiring a commercial cleaning service to do the job is the best solution, ones that know what they are doing and are trained to do the job right.

So why is it important for schools in particular to be particularly clean?

A dirty environment is a germ’s best friend. Around 80% of germs are spread because a person comes in contact with a contaminated surface. Viruses can also survive for as long as 72 hours out of the body. Viruses that cause diarrhea last even longer.

Letting germs and viruses have free rein in campuses and schools means that students and staff alike will be exposed for significant periods of time. This can result in both students and staff getting sick and becoming absent, reducing the productivity of both the staff and the students.

It has also been proven that students learn more when they are in a more comfortable with their environment. According to a study cited in a blog on the Concordia Online Education website done on 775 children, comfort is one of the things that is most necessary in a classroom. A clean classroom was also included as an element of a good learning environment.

By keeping a classroom clean, you are not only keeping students, faculty, and staff from getting sick, you are making sure that they can be productive in their work. Hiring a commercial cleaning service will ensure that this kind of work is done efficiently and properly by experienced professionals. You are ensuring that they are getting the most out of their education that will prepare them for a fulfilling career in the future.