3 Winter Proofs Every Business Needs

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Father Winter started rearing his head early in 2014, as Commercial cleaning professionals in Toronto have been feeling his icy grip for days. Despite the desire to bundling up and stay warm, the effects winter has on the workplace should be considered. There are many tasks to organize, from sidewalk deicing to disposing of slush, salt and muck that gets tracked inside.

In the hopes of helping entrepreneurs enjoy a safer, cleaner, healthier workplace environment this winter, we offer three winter proofing tips:

1. Maintain Ice Free Parking/Sidewalks

As business owners, most are interested in protecting employees, customers, and the business itself this winter. With that in mind, keeping that parking lot and walk way free of ice and snow is priority number one. The easiest way to ensure this gets done properly is to contract a commercial cleaning company, that offers a plow service, shovelers, salt spreaders, or chemical deicers. Once that contract is in place, parking lots and walkways should be kept clear enough to prevent accidents, slips, and injuries.

Be aware and ask the commercial cleaner the type of rock salt or deicer utilized. It is wise to use a provider that will remove snow and ice, without harming any lot surfaces, or the natural environment. Asking the effect on the building’s interior is also wise, as people will realistically walk through this chemical or mineral. Rock salt offers a cost efficient deicing solution, however it can damage the concrete and potentially kill vegetation. This often creates more issues, evolving into costly, long term problems.

2. Clean and Protect Floors

Another reason to inquire about the side effects of parking lot and side walk ice removal techniques is the effect on inner office and warehouse flooring. Many products though safe for concrete, can quickly become a destructive force on fine woven rugs, carpeting, hardwood flooring and vinyl. Rock salt can even wear down concrete over time. These solutions become mixed with snow and slush and get tracked right any facility traffic areas.

This means that plush office carpet could suddenly became a mold and bacteria breeding ground, and those wooden floors are getting scratched up and appear milky. A commercial cleaning company in Toronto can help prevent troublesome and costly problems like this by keeping the floors clean, and creating a line of protection. Rugs can be implements to catch the initial muck and sludge, but the professionals will take it from there, keeping those floors as shiny as the day purchased.

3. Insist on Breathing Clean Air

Sitting in that office chair, we don’t often think about what makes us cough, despite the air duct over the desk. In most cases, that vent of potential doom is not even given a second thought. At least not until a professional commercial cleaner comes in and removes an unsightly bag of dust, debris and possibly a few dead vermin. Keeping heat in the building is the goal, but these ducts also trap nasty germs, vermin, insects, mold, and other potential airborne bacteria that never cross anyone’s mind. In a disturbing study, it states indoor air contains 3-5 times more contaminants and pollutants than the outside air in most locations. Not to mention, ventilation system re-circulates all this air up to 5 to 7 times every day. Take a minute to process that.

That takes some of the mystery out of why that Lysol doesn’t work during cold and flu season at the office. Prevention just takes getting commercial cleaning professionals to take care of that HVAC ventilation system and replace the filter regularly.

It is amazing what a difference these three commercial cleaning professional suggestions can make during those cold winter months. Be prepared, as doing nothing can eventually become a costly problem.