6 Commercial Cleaning Resolutions for 2015

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As 2014 draws to a close, people and businesses around the globe are pondering their New Year’s resolutions. The standard resolutions seem to be stop smoking, go vegan, or lose weight, while companies vow to increase profit via sales, manufacturing and more.

Stepping outside the box of normality, perhaps companies should delve deeper into the resolution realm for 2015, and consider re-evaluating a few areas. Commercial cleaning professionals in Toronto area can easily help with some new standards in cleaning.

Here are six suggestions to consider for 2015:

Achieve Some Organization

One of the least considered steps to profit, is organization. Eliminate any unnecessary functions in the production process. This is easily done by keeping all facility areas neatly organized. Once all tools and equipment have a place to call home, it will be easier to see what is missing, or potentially not useful. Though many of us function relatively well in organized chaos, it is not really a healthy way to do business, nor does it look very professional.

Clean Up

Cleaning up the company can be the most noticeable resolution, and it can have an immediate impact on the business. This is easily accessible by hiring a commercial cleaning company and cleaning more. A clean workplace will help to prevent the spread of germs and illness, especially during these winter cold and flu months. Cleaning also extends the longevity of equipment, which runs much more smoothly minus the dust.

Bottoms Up

All facilities have ceilings, rafters, walls, beams, metal work, visible pipes, etc. that collect cobwebs, which in turn collect dust, debris and things caught in the air. This can look disgusting to the average observer, though when walking across the office, often go unnoticed. A commercial cleaning company can provide specifically formulated cleaning liquids to easily remove years of grime. Not to mention, our cleaners have special tools, giving them the ability to reach those corners, for a spotless clean.

Evaluate Then Improve Efficiency

A commercially cleaned office provides a clean, healthy environment for employees and clients to exist in. This can cut down on the spreading of germs, thus decreasing employee absences. Cleaning also lengthens the life of the equipment, reducing replacement costs. Cleaning the HVAC vents can remove as much as 40 pounds of dust depending on the facility size, so this is also an excellent work ticket to consider. Each clean action creates a positive reaction.

Smiles, Safety and Health

Employees and clients are the true force behind the success of the company, so make sure the company offers a safe, clean environment for them both. Keeping the facility dust and debris free will greatly improve the health, and well being of employees and customers. Professional commercial cleaners will also make sure all walk ways and areas do not have misplaced clutter, which could cause a safety hazard.

Go Greener with Recycling

Looking to do something positive for the environment that can also benefit the company? Consider starting a recycling program with incentives. Some companies even have compactors on site to compress paper in advance. Commercial cleaning professionals in Toronto can help remove and properly dispose of recycling if that is contractually agreeable. One simple step can save money, thus increasing profits, just by helping the environment.