5 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Office Environment with Commercial Cleaning

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It does not take a lot of thought for business owners to figure out the negative effects dirt, dust, and debris can have on equipment and facilities, but it also has ill health effects on employees. Not to mention the first impression dust and dirt in a lobby leaves on perspective customers. Then again, just because an office or work environment looks clean, doesn’t mean it truly is clean.

Businesses that utilize commercial cleaning companies on a regular basis, including duct work cleaning, find improvements in overall employee health, along with the safety and efficiency of equipment. As a matter of fact, the longevity of equipment often sees phenomenal improvements, and these are just a few improvements that come with keeping your workplace clean.

First Impressions

Other then above mentioned improvements, a clean work environment can also stimulate a positive response from workers, who’ll likely be feeling healthier. A clean, crisp facility will also provide a positive, lasting impression on future clients. While sitting in a waiting area, they have plenty of time to evaluate the type of business their considering becoming involved with. Thus, here are five wonderful ways for Toronto commercial cleaners to help improve a company’s renowned:

Be Attentive to High Traffic Areas

Everyone understands that high traffic areas tend to see more equipment and, or foot traffic than other areas during an average work day. Specifically, a lobby can be very high traffic, and as a result, the flooring in that area acquires more dirt than other areas. Businesses that want to make a positive first impression will see to it that entrance areas maintain a crisp, clean appearance.

Welcome Mats

Though we leave our homes with clean shoes, we walk across dirt, debris, puddles and snow, which we then track into the office. A business office looking to protect their flooring from the average wear and tear of heavy traffic should consider using large welcome mats or just matting in front of entranceway doors. This allows visitors and employees to wipe their shoes, which in turn help protect the flooring. Commercial cleaning crews should always pay special attention when cleaning these mats, as they help keep those lobbies looking professional.

The Sniff Test

Other than appearances, the first and possibly most memorable perspective of the office visitors might have is the smell. Some offices smell of lunch, some of paint, and some of fragrant aromas, known for their relaxation techniques. Other offices may smell bad, like unclean carpets, moldy ventilation systems, or old trash. Needless to say, the secondary offices do not leave a very good impression. Commercial cleaners will leave the office smelling fresh and clean, so perspective clients feel “invited” and relaxed.

Dust Away Dust

We may not notice a little dust on the things we pass by daily, but a new customer just might. It is important to do business with a commercial cleaning crew that will make sure the lobby and lobby décor is dust and finger print free. Nothing says lazy better than a half inch of dust underneath the magazines, or along the arm of the chair.

See Through Windows

Now we might expect windows to be see through, but many times they are not. Instead they are distorted by finger prints, smudges, spills, dust and more. In the right lighting, these spots and marks become light art, drawing the eyes of perspective clients. However, a commercial cleaning crew can keep those windows spotless, so they glisten in the sunlight, brightening the entranceway.

A Healthy, Inviting Office

Commercial cleaners in Toronto know maintaining a clean, healthy work environment is not only great for the employees that work there, but also for perspective clients. Walking in to a business that has a fresh smell and a bright clean look is much more appealing than a dusty, dingy atmosphere. Plus, keeping the area clean also extends the life of the walls and flooring.