5 Office Magnets for Bacteria During Flu Season

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Welcome one and all to cold and flu season, and all the joy it spreads, outside of professional commercial cleaning. Realistically, winter is truly under way, thus some people are starting to become more germ conscious. In 2013, the US estimated over 135 million flu vaccines given. The numbers are guestimated to be even worse this year, after the CDC made several disease oriented mistakes of epic proportions.

Entrepreneurs become especially at risk during these periods, as preventing the flu from circulating around the office, can greatly impact production. Keeping employees healthy is the difference between keeping profits up and losses down during germy seasons. Commercial cleaning professionals know just what to do in order to keep the office running relatively germ free.

Business owners need be aware of the five biggest magnets in the work place for bacteria:

1. Kitchenettes

Not every company opens a kitchen area up to employees, but there is generally a break room with a sink, coffee pot and microwave. Surprisingly, this is the most germ infested room in the entire facility, with the exception of the actual toilet bowl or urinal. Faucets, the sink, sponges, utensil drawers, cabinet handles, coffee makers and counter tops are usually teaming with bacteria at any given time. Since employees often deal with food here, extra attention is needed.

2. Toilettes

Not surprisingly, the toilettes is the known second most germ infested place in the facility. Terrors of the germ world like fecal bacteria, salmonella, E Coli and hepatitis can exist gleefully in multi person lavatories. Once again, the faucets, counters, tissue holder, soap dispensers and door knob tend to harbor more germs then the average toilet seat. Commercial cleaners use special chemical in order to disengage and destroy these bacterial nightmares, helping to keep the work place healthier.

3. Desk and Keyboard

One never knows who comes by touching their desk or keyboard in their absence. The staff can run from restroom to kitchen or vice versa, then past the desk, taking a moment to borrow some paperclips. Germs filter all over the mouse, the keyboard, phone, mouse pad and yes, even the desk chair. Lysol cannot save you… but a professional can, as they use special disinfectants to eliminate germs.

4. Going UP

Elevators and stairs both go up, and ironically, though one is faster, they gather germs around the same speed. Every touch to a button or hand rail spreads some type of germ. Elevators have been known to hold around 3500 bacteria per square inch… One is better off touching those buttons with an ink pen then a finger

5. The Entrance

First impressions mean a lot, and they also collect a lot of germs. The lobby is the first impression upon entering the building, and that of the countless other employees and clients to use that door handle. Without hiring a dedicated person, whose only task was wiping entry way door knobs, there is little that can be done about germs and bacteria on the knobs. However, it would be thought quite considerate to keep a few bottles of hand sanitizer in the waiting area.

Germ Free?

It would be a nice thought, but it just isn’t realistic to think one can keep a facility, completely germ free during cold and flu season. Still, it is possible to keep germs and bacteria to a minimum during these troublesome times. Commercial cleaning professionals easily keep germs to a minimum, and keep everyone healthier.