Six Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Can Make a Difference in One Room

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There are those moments one instantly regrets, walking into a restroom. The office/warehouse looks clean, and the restroom itself doesn’t look to shabby, yet the smell with an unknown source, can violate the senses. Occasionally one might enter a bathroom and see some trash scattered about, or perhaps the toilet paper is lying on the floor, instead of the toilet tissue holder. Whatever the case, the unpleasantness can make quite an impression and over 90% of patrons choose not to re-enter an establishment, after a “bad” restroom experience.

This type of situation can be difficult for business owners to deal with, especially when the area looks clean otherwise. Some entrepreneurs may try and cut corners by doing all cleaning “in-house”, and having an office member clean. In the end, this never really saves money. People get sick, and germs can accumulate more quickly than a few cans of Lysol resolves. A commercial cleaning service will have techniques and materials that are unavailable at the local department store or to the average consumer in general.

Here are six ways a commercial cleaning company can help to take care of odors, or unsightly appearances that may cause customers to disconnect:

1. A professional cleaning service will make every effort to locating the source of the odor, which isn’t always easy. There can be multiple sources and some can be uncommon. Next, these professionals will utilize commercial grade disinfectants or enzymes, for those that prefer a “green” clean. During the cleaning process, surviving microorganisms die off as the debris and unseen mold they feed on are eliminated.

2. One of the biggest contributors to bad odors in the restroom is urine. Our own waste can build up in corners where a drip may accidentally land, eventually creating a horrible smell. Odors caused by urine or feces, in the case of an overflow, can become trapped in the environment. The proper cleaning fluids are necessary in order to completely neutralize their smell.

3. In the case of keeping cleaning “in house”, that foul scent may just be lack of custodial knowledge. Double checking on the chemicals utilized and cleaning method used might present an answer. In the long run, hiring a commercial cleaner can save time, money and prevent the unnecessary spreading of germs.

4. Factory or busy office restrooms often get quite a bit more business than the average facility. Busy bathrooms require more than one clean a week. Multiple users means the chance of more germs, increased chance of overflows and a heavier scent of urine or feces. Professionals will help evaluate a healthy schedule for busy restroom cleanings, and have the place smelling of lemon and pine cones in no time.

5. The trash is another viable source off gut wrenching restroom odors and germs. Some people might eat a snack in the restroom, and uneaten food might rot in the trash. Not to mention all the other items that gets thrown in a waste bin. Just changing the bag doesn’t always get rid of the odor. Instead, a proper disinfectant must be used, along with a deodorizer.

6. Germs are the enemy, from the floor to the toilet, to the sink. Even on the door handles we use to enter the restroom… before we wash our hands. A professional uses disinfectants in places most people do not worry with, especially door knobs, flat surfaces, and handles of any type. Entrepreneurs will find a shiny, germ free restroom as the cleaner walks out the door, leaving a fresh, clean scent in their wake.

For those dealing with undesirable cleaning woes, a commercial cleaning company may be just what is needed to eliminate the problems. Professionals can find solutions quickly and efficiently, leaving professional facilities looking and smelling fresh.