The Costs of a Hiring a Cleaning Company vs. In-House Cleaners

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Cleanliness truly is next to Godliness in the workplace. Business owners put good money in seeing to it that the premises are kept in order. Cleanliness is not only a question of keeping things tidy and shiny. Cleanliness is a question of employee productivity, health and safety.

Da Vinci, Shakespeare, many revered ancient philosophers, and even great minds of our time have a reputation for being private slobs. Their workplaces in the home were disorganized to the extent that leave us scratching our heads as to how they got any of their masterpieces done in the clutter and chaos.

While messy seemed fashionable for these legendary geniuses, who by the way, were lone wolves in their fields of specialty, it simply won’t fly in the workplace occupied by workers that number by the hundreds. A system of organization must be enforced to keep the flow of responsibility as efficient as possible.

The workplace is a hive of employees striving to carry out individual duties that collectively culminate in the company quota or goal. A clean workplace is conducive for employee creativity, ingenuity, and productivity. If the office space is clean, its functionality is enhanced.

Imagine reporting to a workplace with the fragrance of stale apples or take-out food of yesterday in the trash bin, unemptied trash receptacles, un-mopped floors, dirty windows and un-sanitized restrooms. It doesn’t inspire a sense of comfort that could go a long way in helping office workers perform excellently in their individual tasks.

During working hours, the flurry of activity in the workplace is much like that of the colony of ants. Workers hurry to and fro between their desks and meetings. All are in a race against time to beat deadlines or reach quotas. With that much human activity in one place, accidents are expected if precautions or preventive measures are not taken. Unemptied trash receptacles are fire hazards and any rotten fruit or moldy material from take-out boxes can become serious health hazards. These is only the tip of the iceberg of the vast possibilities of things that could go wrong in a workplace without cleaning measures being taken seriously.

The True Cost of In-House Cleaning Companies

Maintaining an in-house crew can be costly due to the fact that the company has to cover not only an hourly wage, but insurance and benefits are also the responsibility that an employer has. In addition, injuries sustained by workers in the workplace makes the company responsible, whereas a commercial cleaning company would be insured privately at their expense. With an in-house crew, you might be on the hook for paying a staff person when they are not needed, whereas a commercial cleaning company will provide only the services needed therefore saving productivity and overall cost. While just simply looking at an hourly rate, you may be thinking an in-house crew is less expensive, an overall look at the entire costs vs benefits shows that a commercial cleaning service make financial sense.

Overall, a commercial cleaning company can provide cost-effective solutions to your company needs and the flexibility offered by a cleaning company versus and in-house crew can be quite beneficial.