4 Things Business Owners Should Know Before Hiring A Commercial Cleaning Company

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Business owners are constantly on their toes about business matters. One of those matters is the choice of commercial cleaning company. A wise business owner would not jump on board with the company that offers the lowest rates in the city because that could easily turn into a living nightmare. Prudent consideration of a company to hire should take place before a contract is signed between the two parties.

The following are the four things business owners should find out before hiring a commercial cleaning company.

1. Ask For A Recommendation

It’s perfectly reasonable for business owners to ask any commercial cleaning company to provide a recommendation from a previous client. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is no small money matter and you want to make sure you don’t end up with the short end of the stick. Commercial cleaning companies that offer the lowest rates might also do poor quality work. A recommendation gives you the assurance that they have performed satisfactorily for other clients and you can expect the same from them.

2. Check For Insurance

This is a very important step in the pre-signing stages of the hiring process. Every commercial cleaning company should have an insurance plan for their workers. The last thing your business needs is liability for any accidental injury or death that takes place on your premises. Cleaning personnel should be insured by their respective companies so that any accidental harm sustained while on the job on your premises will not result in costly lawsuits that could wreck havoc on your business’s finances and reputation. This added precautionary measure could protect you from waking up to a liability nightmare.

3. Assess For Trust Worthiness

Trustworthiness is a guarantee on the advertising of many of these commercial cleaning companies but the ads don’t always tell the truth. Business owners who take an extra step in assessing for trustworthiness are doing themselves a favor. It is perfectly reasonable for business owners or the delegated management to ask the commercial cleaning company to provide some background information about their cleaning personnel. Inquire if these personnel have any criminal records or a history of inappropriate conduct while on the job during their time with the company. The assessment process may seem cumbersome, but it is highly recommended to prevent any untoward incidents on your company’s premises.

4. Assess For Professionalism

Business owners have a right to expect that cleaning personnel hired by the company should act professionally. If the establishment receives customers, the way these personnel conduct themselves will reflect on your business. They should have a presentable uniform that sets them apart and they should be prompt in their attendance on the agreed cleaning schedule. While on the premises, they are expected to be courteous towards clients, customers or your employees. They should be able to get the job done efficiently and should be respectful of the company’s property.

If these four important factors are taken into consideration, you can look forward to a smooth business relationship with the commercial cleaning company that meet all your standards.