The Hybrid of Office Cleaning

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Most company owners are faced with the challenge of deciding whether to hire a commercial cleaning crew or maintain an in-house cleaning staff. Both have their benefits and their downsides and the matter of weighing these options can be rather tedious as many factors come into play such as company budget, the size of the offices, and other specialized cleaning needs.

Some companies, however, have the luxury of means to hire the hybrid of office cleaning. This refers to the hiring of both commercial cleaning crew and an in-house cleaning staff. The budget required for this kind of office cleaning plan is a little bit big for the taste of most company owners but they are often left without options as their work facility may have many specialized cleaning needs.

Offices located in high-rise buildings often require the services of highly trained commercial cleaners to do their outside windows. Also, some offices have special physical features that require special attention and special cleaning skills or methods to get the job done. Glass partitions are quite fashionable and also quite difficult to keep clean. Many of these glass partitions seem to go on for miles.

Most in-house cleaning personnel are not trained nor equipped to handle the task. Even if the company invests in the machinery to aid the in-house cleaning personnel in their work, most do not have the technical know-how necessary to operate these cleaning technologies. Thus, many company owners have to resort to the expensive matrimony of commercial cleaning crew and in-house cleaning staff.

Commercial cleaning crews come with their own cleaning solutions or products and equipment. The hiring company is not expected to provide these industrial cleaning products. Their personnel are insured by the commercial cleaning companies they work for, therefore any injuries sustained while on the job at the hiring company’s premises is covered by that insurance and the hiring company of the cleaning crew is not liable for medical costs.

In-house cleaning personnel are counted in the company pay roll. Furthermore, the company has to cover their insurance and benefits. This may be quite costly, but on the upside, the company has someone on-call to take care of spills or other incidences that need immediate cleaning. The company does not have to hire a full staff because the labor is divided between the in-house staff and the commercial cleaning crew. The in-house staff may contain one to three personnel.

The greatest advantage of the hybrid is that cleanliness of the workplace is top notch, which works wonders for employee productivity. The condition of the workplace projects an image of the company that makes a lasting impression on walk-in customers or clients and potential business partners. The power of a well-maintained work place cannot be underestimated.

The division of responsibilities is usually based on the nature of the tasks and the capacity of the two cleaning crews to perform each. Most of the basics, such as emptying of trash receptacles, sweeping, mopping, polishing of office furniture and cleaning of restrooms are usually assigned to the in-house cleaning staff.

The more challenging tasks like cleaning of outside windows, cleaning of extensive glass partitions, cleaning of air vents, and treating of carpets or upholstery often fall to the commercial cleaning crew to accomplish as these tasks require expertise, special skills, and the technical know-how to operate assistive technologies.