Contract Options When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies

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The inevitable reality is, companies will come to a point in their existence when they have to seriously consider the services of a commercial cleaning company for the workplace. In some companies, the office personnel pick up after themselves and that is a practical way to keep things in order in the workplace. However, the luxury of time to empty your own trash bin is not afforded to all workers of all companies.

A company of a handful of workers in an office would not require business owners to have a budget for an in-house crew or a commercial cleaning crew. But cleaning needs of a given company may evolve over time has the company may expand. As it receives more clients, the work load increases which means more employees. That goes without saying, more office space will be needed.

These expansions come hand in hand with a need for specialized cleaning services that only a commercial cleaning crew or a full staff in-house crew can provide. The company’s cleaning needs might initially be satisfied by a small staff of in-house cleaning personnel. However, when the company finds itself taking habitat in a multi-level office facility, commercial cleaning crews begin to look like the more economical choice.

The decision to hire a commercial cleaning company come with choosing a contract that best suits the company’s needs and comes in a package that is agreeable with the company budget. These are the options available to most companies seeking the services of a commercial cleaning crew.


Your company may hire a commercial cleaning crew on a contractual basis, meaning they only come for a set of specific tasks at a specific schedule and given a certain amount of time to get the job done. When the job is done, hand shakes are exchanged, the money changes hands and it’s hasta la vista until the next time the company needs them for another office spring cleaning. This kind of contract is on a one-time-job basis and the commercial cleaning personnel are only expected to complete the company’s cleaning needs at that particular time. The job may take more than a day or two but the cleaning crew are only obligated to render services to the company until that job is done. Business owners usually opt for this contract because it gives them freedom to call in a cleaning crew only when they are needed.


This agreement is binding for both parties. The hiring company and the commercial cleaning company agree on what tasks need to be done, how often in a week, and the period of time in which the commercial cleaning company is obligated to render services to the hiring company. Some arrangements require the cleaning crew to report to the workplace to meet the facility’s cleaning needs twice a week, every week for a year. This may vary from company to company as some only require cleaning personnel once a week. In a long-term contract, the schedule is fixed until the contract expires.