Commercial Cleaning & Domestic Cleaning, Factors To Consider In Choosing Your Company’s Cleaning Service

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There are many factors to consider when choosing what cleaning service to pay for. Cleaning needs may vary from company to company or business to business. Commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning companies differ significantly in their capacity to satisfy the unique cleaning needs of different establishments.

Your Options

Commercial cleaning crews offer a wider range of services. The cleaning personnel are trained in cleaning techniques that are developed to cope with different types of establishments and physical features of the work place. The have amassed a knowledge about cleaning products that affect the quality of the work they deliver. They also have special cleaning equipment to make them more efficient in their tasks.

On the other hand, domestic cleaning services are limited to the basics which include, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, polishing, emptying trash bins and the like. So if your establishment has a quaint office space without any dramatic architectural features, then domestic cleaning services will suffice for the job. However, these personnel do not have specialized training in cleaning methods and may not have the necessary skills nor equipment required by special physical features of the premises, such as extensive glass partitions.

Physical Features of the Premises

The physical features of the premises are paramount to deciding between commercial or domestic cleaning services. The size of the work place should be taken into account due to the fact that bigger floors would require the aid of special equipment to facilitate the work in the shortest time possible. The number or windows, glass partitions, or even the size of the furniture also require special technologies to assist cleaning personnel in their tasks.

The number of floors occupied by offices makes the cleaning crew’s work all the more challenging. Without the help of industrial cleaning equipment such as heavy-duty vacuum cleaners, Rotovacs, and upholstery cleaners, it would be unrealistic to expect that domestic cleaning crews, with their dusters and brooms, can get the job done before the start of another work day.

Furniture & Carpeting

Some offices or reception areas are lavishly furnished with ornate decors and thick carpeting. Some of these furniture require special care and it takes a trained cleaner to know what products to use or not to use on certain surfaces. Carpets need to be treated periodically in order to keep them looking new and free of dust, allergens or microscopic life forms and their larvae. Domestic cleaning crews are insufficiently trained or equipped to handle such an undertaking.

Nature of the Business

The cleaning requirements of office spaces can be pretty basic, in which case a domestic cleaning crew is all you need to put things in proper order. If you own a restaurant, chances are domestic cleaning crews won’t cut it. The massive amount of work to be done after closing hours can only be accomplished through the intimate cooperation between man and machine. Managers of establishments that house office space are mainly concerned with compliance to safety regulations by keeping the workplace clean. The efficiency of the office workers is also a priority and the work environment affects that. Business owners who receive customers in their establishment are not only concerned with safety and productivity but their commercial appeal and the impression they make on their customers or clients. In this situation, it is wise to enlist the services of commercial cleaning crews as their work is usually of a higher quality than domestic cleaning crews.