Commercial Cleaners or In-House Cleaning Staff, What’s Best For Your Workplace

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Somebody has to pick up after busy office workers at the end of a working day. After all, the trash bins at the workplace don’t empty themselves and floor tiles don’t just shine without help. The unsung heroes of workplace cleanliness come in when cubicles or offices are emptied of their occupants. They go unnoticed in their labors and are often taken for granted. However, their role in the efficiency of office life is indispensable to the establishment.

In recent decades, law suits have become something of a fad. We are living in a time when one person’s neglect is another man’s fortune. Not long from now, people will be able to file law suits for paper cuts acquired in the workplace. Cleanliness and safety go hand in hand in making the work environment conducive for creativity, ingenuity, and productivity. To ensure the efficiency of office workers, the company leadership have to decide on the best way to see that the office space’s cleaning needs are satisfactorily met.

These cleaning miracle workers are of two tribes. Companies either subscribe to the services of commercial cleaners or they maintain an in-house cleaning staff. Both come with their advantages and disadvantages. Both get the work done before the start of the new working day. So which option would serve the company better? There are many cost-factors to consider when choosing which services to avail.

In-House Cleaning Staff

The in-house cleaning staff are included in the company pay roll. They receive a salary, insurance, and benefits that come with being company employees. Unlike the periodic cleaning offered by commercial cleaning crews, having an in-house cleaning staff means that cleaning personnel are available at a moment’s notice or whenever an unforeseen need arises. Coffee spills, ink spills, or any kind of accidental mess are common in everyday office life. It is highly inconvenient for office workers to have to clean up their own mess when they are in a race against time to meet deadlines and other demands at work. With that in mind, it would seem that an in-house cleaning staff would be the more practical choice, although it would not be the most economical.

Commercial Cleaners

Commercial cleaning is a term that refers to the services rendered by a cleaning company that generates its income by performing cleaning tasks for another company or clients subscribed to their services on a contractual basis. These cleaning crews only come in periodically to deliver on agreed tasks. Commercial cleaning crews are a bit pricey but if you do the math, you’re only paying them for services rendered and you don’t have to worry about insurance and benefits for the cleaning personnel. Commercial cleaning crews offer a wider range of services and usually deliver a higher quality of work than that which can be expected of an in-house cleaning staff because commercial cleaning personnel have been trained in cleaning techniques and are have a better knowledge of brands of effective cleaning products.