Typical Tasks Of A Commercial Cleaning Company

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Thinking of hiring a commercial cleaning firm? There are literally dozens of choices available to you in almost any city. A quick internet search should show you a few companies worth looking into. The most established commercial cleaning firms advertise their services prominently, so it is usually only a matter of deciding which particular firm you will go for.

Before deciding on a cleaning firm, it is important to take stock of your needs and how they match up to the typical services offered by commercial cleaners. If this is your first time to hire such a service, you might be pleasantly surprised at the range of services that they offer. Nevertheless, being informed as to what services they actually do offer, and what they don’t, will help you determine whether or not commercial cleaning is actually what you need. Also, gaining familiarity with the services offered by the typical commercial cleaning crew will help you figure out the most appropriate firm for your specific needs.

It is important to note that most commercial cleaning companies group their tasks according to those that should be done daily and those that should be done semi-weekly. This helps them stay more organized and ensures that no time is wasted on unnecessary tasks. You will want to discuss the specifics of their cleaning schedule based on the unique requirements of your office environment.

Here’s a list of what most established commercial cleaning companies are prepared to offer:

Daily cleaning

Bathroom cleaning and disinfecting

This includes everything related to the bathroom and the immediate area, such as the toilets, bathroom mirrors, counter top and sink, and all bathroom surfaces and fixtures.

Cleaning of all general locations

This includes dusting, wiping down all surfaces, mopping, polishing the floors, and waxing. All window sills and baseboards are also dusted and wiped down. All door handles, light switches, and fixtures will be cleaned.


Offices in which there is extensive carpeting will have to be subjected to vacuuming daily. For spot carpeting however, this task may be scheduled semi-weekly

Window cleaning

This involves cleaning the interior side of the windows, including seals, latches, and fasteners. This task is separate from exterior cleaning of windows, which may or may not be assigned to a commercial cleaning crew depending on their capabilities.

Semi-weekly cleaning

Cleaning of specific areas

Depending on your instructions, the commercial cleaning crew may clean more sensitive areas such as work spaces, desks, and filing cabinets.

Cleaning of individual offices

Most crews clean the general areas daily, but they may clean the individual office on a semi-weekly basis.

Cleaning of shelves and cabinets

Cleaning crews often clean shelves and cabinets more thoroughly twice every week or on the weekends. They may also disinfect these areas every week.

Window cleaning

Cleaning of the windows exteriors may be done weekly of the cleaning crew is equipped to handle such tasks.